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Random Elfish Wizzard - general pic by HilemZelda
Random Elfish Wizzard - general pic
A fast work I made because boredom xD

suppously a dark-skinned elf which is a magician and his element is water/icey alike ...

.. yeah, I was THAT bored, to actually think in generic char (I though in everything but a name huheue >_<), I needed to do some generic original work, wanted to draw something but didn't wanted to draw a fan art

At least I still can create this ... stuffs XD

Once I have a scanner will re-upload with a better quality. this picture was taken with my super-duper cellphone ZTE Open ^^! (cheap phone with cheap camera D: )

Tools used:

- simple bond 20 paper
- pencil 2H for base lines
- mechanical pencil for the "lineart"
- crayons for the coloring.

odd choice of colors, maybe I can try a version 2.0 ... someday (IF i'm that bored again, lulz!)
ELDoodle:Luciel - The Dynamic Duo by HilemZelda
ELDoodle:Luciel - The Dynamic Duo
My entrance for ElDoodle: Luciel!

After 12515810468  times (actually were like 7 times so-so xD) I've remade the darn background, and finally got something ... dunno how to call it, but at least looks as bizarre as the idea behind the fanart ^_^

Originally had a small dialogue, but I reserve it as ver 2-0 of this draw (will post later.. ), which includes the other messy background, wich is more closer to my original idea.. but that FAIL in such an awful way Dx

I really need to learn how to draw backgrounds .-.

Chars colored using Paint.NET
background made and colored with Gimp 2.0

(C) KOG Studios
FanArt by me ^_^
You'll love it!! by HilemZelda
You'll love it!!
lame title is lame XD

Actually, I didn't had a title in mind when I drew this .. like MONTHS ago; but i just build my pc not so long ago and I have been in the process to finish some draws, and this is one of them xD

Was almost done since 2 weeks ago, but had some mistakes (and surelly I overpassed anothers ones <,<!) and yesterday  decided to (finally) finish it.

I don't know how to make a damn background and thats what ... the best i could do Dx

Selfincest or whatever ...

Add x Add in his MasterMind x Diabolic Esper personification.

I'm loving them, seriouslly!! with the latest "lvl 70 jumping event", I jumped my DiE and he looks so cute!! <3 (a shame the promo custome will last for only 14 days qq)

At least I'll keep the hair - and the game model is a lot better!! Next time i'll draw DiE, will use the ingame model xD

The draw was was made with pencil on bond 20 paper, lineart with a black pen

Color process using the almighty Paint.NET ^^!

Fan Art by me!
The Dynamic Duo - Lineart by HilemZelda
The Dynamic Duo - Lineart
Lineart for a contest on NA ELsword Forums ...

random background cuz .. dunno, I just wanted to do it, lulz xD
Bye Nagc Forums by HilemZelda
Bye Nagc Forums
As part of NAGC Closure, its Forums is going down too!

For me, has been a long way: becuase, since the very firstday I started to play Grand Chase, I do started to forum too! And I've passed for 3 serveres (NAGC, BGC and LAGC), and yet, my Forum Live on NAGC Forums remained.

This was my entry for my "Good-Bye Thread"; and Like NAGC Forums is been shootdown fm Today, april 17, 2015 @ 23.59 hrs PDT.. decided to put here my goodbye!

Has been wonderfull years foruming, meet a lot of people, and the "oh drama" happened on forums too! We got funny moments, jokes, fights, trollings, weshared a lot! I was mostly active on Fan Art section, heck, i remember of people who new my name ingame becuase of this!! I'm still surprised for this hahahha xD

Anyway, uploading here this words, is like keeping a memento for this wonderful years ...

NAGC Forum community was wonderful, with its ups and downs ... we were a very gathered community, even in our fights!! 

The small Life-spam under KOG Games (former Kill3rcombo a.k.a KOG USA), maybe was not enough for a better integration, yet, the bounds which coming fm the old Forums (under Ntreev/SGI host) remained ... 

Those wonderfull dyas will be missed too!! Both, game and forums has been part of my life on the latest years .. 

Wil be hard to coming to check forums everyday and found nothing T^T ...

.. dem feelz...



Hilda Paz
This is me! [kinda xD!]

Current Residence: Venezuela
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime-alike, Fantasy-themed, very (and lame) amateur pics
Operating System: GŁindous 7 D:
MP3 player of choice: My Huawei cellphone xD
Favourite cartoon character: There are too many ...
Personal Quote: Justice will never die!!!
wil be done! 

Latelly has got A LOT of work, so it had keeping me busy, and as a plus, my pc is getting bishy qq ...

as long I have some free time, will finish them!

one of them just need minor touchs, the other one, it really need a major labor... 

.. I want to be October fast, Will have my vacations!! Dx
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